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  • We are the next generation of marketing and branding experts both in the physical and online. We are dedicated to bringing local businesses the newest and most affordable marketing tools as we move deeper in to the tech age. As the business world evolves, along with it does marketing. Digital presence is what we build for local businesses and costumers is what they get. 

  •  The individuals at Soup’s marketing are all born and raised in Western Pa and we understand the various challenges of living in this part of the country. 



  • As we move in to a more automated and technological society, our daily consumption of information comes from the internet. This is where we are headed as a society but it has opened up opportunity for  businesses to advertise and create WEB PRESENCE.

  • There are multiple avenues to creating this digital or web presence and Soups is able to steer businesses down the right and most effective one. Many business owners believe that website’s are the only form of web-presence that anyone needs. In fact, much like a business owner needs to maintain the condition of the brick and mortar store, they must also maintain their digital presence. 

  • There are many affordable and even FREE ways to develop a digital brand. The answer to this all: Social Media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more are some of the most effective marketing tools and they come to little or no cost to the business owner. 



  • As a full service marketing agency, we pride ourselves by being at the forefront of web presence and that starts with Social Media. 

  • There are close to 5 billion social media users daily and that number grows exponentially with time. Though globally spread, there is still value in having a presence online as a small town business owner. 

  • Social Media can also serve as a pathway to a businesses website. Additionally, consumers can have a more up to date and current idea of what the business is doing on a regular basis through timeline updates and posts. Also business owners can be more interactive with their consumers through these outlets.( Ex. The radio broadcaster can finally identify with his listeners through having a Facebook page for that station) 

  •  Keeping up to date with your social media is extremely important in having social media users interact with your posts. Likes, comments and views are all considered engagement. Engagement will help a company be more visible in search results. 



  • Websites are like a business’s digital storefront. Websites can come in many forms and serve many different purposes. Perhaps the most standard function of a website is to inform consumers of the various products or services that a company can offer. Things like hours of operation and “contact us” are also very necessary usages for websites. 

  • Websites are also extremely important on continuing a brand that a particular company has built or is trying to build. Having consistency, like previously stated, is the center of all marketing. Consumers get used to brands which we call brand recognition. Consumers make decisions based on the brands that they see. This is how important it can be to have a brand consistent across all social media, websites and even storefront signs. A brand says a million words about a company, this is why it is so important to send the right message. 

  • Having a landing page for consumers looking up your company is also another important function that websites give to businesses. This day in age businesses can no longer put up storefronts and think that people will come. Businesses need to be visible online so even having a lesser functioning website is better than having absolutely nothing. Having a quality website, of course, will give a company an advantage over competitors and will attract more consumers. 



  • SEO is the intersection of all digital presence by ensuring that every consumer that is looking for your business actually finds your business. As business owners, keeping up with the newsfeed type information flow of social media will be necessary. In doing this, more people will interact with a company’s social media page, and contribute to better search results in Google. In the same way, websites with consistent and unified information will attract more clicks to the page. Traffic through a company website and social media page will direct search results to a business. 

  • Google maps and Google business directory is also something that businesses want to claim so people in the vicinity searching for a company or companies similar will most likely land on the one with the best SEO. 

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