Official Contest Rules:

There will only be one grand prize winner for the Shop Waynesburg project. Entrants can enter the grand prize drawing at any participating location. Participants are allowed to enter at multiple locations. Entrants can not enter more than once at one location per day, if multiple entries are found on the same day at the same location they will be discarded. Entrants may only enter their own name, email, phone, and address. Entry locations reserve the right to ask for identification prior to allowing entrant to enter for the grand prize drawing. No purchase is required to enter the sweepstakes according to state and federal laws requiring sweepstakes to follow the “no purchase required” laws. Sweepstakes will close on December 17th at the close of business for participating locations. Drawing will take place on December 19th, 2016 at 9am (time subject to change) via live Facebook drawing on the Shop Waynesburg Facebook page. Entrants are welcome to attend the live drawing at the designated location (to be announced).

State and Federal laws prohibit entry locations from requiring entrants to purchase goods or services to enter any contest of this nature. No Purchase Required. 

No online entries will be accepted for this contest. Entries must be made at participating locations listed here

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