Why Businesses should do more than “Just Post” on Social Media?

August 3, 2016


Why Businesses should do more than “Just Post” on Social Media?

So you created your business facebook page/twitter/Instagram and every week or so you post up some pics of your work on your business page and share it through your personal pages, surely that’s enough….surely you could be right or….sadly mistaken.

You get approached through email, phone, and even walking through your doors from representatives from various marketing agencies offering to help you manage your social media accounts, but seriously why would you pay someone to post on your company facebook page, you can do that yourself!

Let’s talk briefly about effectiveness. Take some time to go through your insights and just see how effective your reach, engagement, and overall posts really are. Look at the number of likes you have versus the percentage of items listed above, how many people are really seeing and engaging with your business online. Once you have determined your effectiveness…it’s time to evaluate content.

Evaluating content can be a tricky demon, your content needs to be tailored to your audience….your custom audience (see below). Scrolling through your posts on your page and through your insights you need to determine what gets the most activity and is the activity showcasing your business to those engaging with it. Some questions to ask yourself “Is it clear what my business does or am I guilty of Vaguebooking?”, “Does your content have a call-to-action to contact your business?”, “Are there images/videos that encourage people to view your posts and like/share your content?”. These are just a few questions to consider when managing your social media content.

Custom Audience- Very few businesses have one exclusive target market that they are trying to reach, most have a few target markets, then other sub-target markets. Your content should be developed and distributed based on the specific market you’re trying to reach.

Targeting your Content- This is the most frustrating and time consuming role for managing social media, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. In most cases it costs less for you to pay someone to target ads and run your ads manager than it does for you to step away from your other daily jobs and do it yourself. In my opinion, many business owners tend to get offended when you mention managing their social media for them because they feel as if they’re being belittled, when in fact it’s quite the opposite, social media managers want to ease the frustration of working inside the ad manager in Facebook or the Instagram ad developer & so on.

25 years ago, companies sketched out what they wanted their ads to look like and sent it to the newspaper and let them work on the layout of the ad, placement in the paper, and of course print & distribution. Social media managers fill the same type of role for businesses in 2016, we work hand in hand with any internal marketing person or business owner to ensure the content being sent out best reflects the message that your company wants to send, then delivers it accordingly to the intended target market.

Hiccups: Social Media Management doesn’t come without it’s hiccups-The biggest concern when hiring a social media management company comes from legitimacy. As with any service, get more than one quote for services then evaluate from there, but the most important role the Social Media Management company must fill is effective communication to you, the business owner, and to your customers. 

For more information on managing social media call to receive a free consultation. Social Media Management training plans start as low as $299. Visit www.SoupsMarketing.com or Call 412-626-7687 (SOUP) and get signed up!

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Why Businesses should do more than “Just Post” on Social Media?

August 3, 2016

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