Why You Should Consider Hiring a Social Media Management Company

January 12, 2017


Throughout the world, an increasing number of people are shifting their purchases online. Ever since the digital revolution began, more and more people have ended up using social media and other online services to purchase products and services. The world of online commerce is just getting started, and it is already estimated to take over sales made in traditional brick and mortar stores in the next few years. With these trends of shifting online continuing to grow, it is imperative that businesses focus on increasing their online presence and reach out to existing and future customers. In an increasingly competitive business environment, every opportunity to increase the client base must be explored fully and social media presence is quickly becoming the next platform for building a trustable reputation and increasing your client base.

Reasons to Hire a Social Media Management Company:
Here are some of the reasons why you may consider hiring a social media management company to take care of customer engagement, answer queries, and promote your business online:

  1. Strategic Planning: Depending on your short and long term goals, the size of your company, and the types of products and services you offer, social media companies will develop a comprehensive strategy to manage your online presence. This includes specific plans to approach customers on various social media platforms, attain a certain number of click to order conversions, and successfully engage customers.

  2. Dedicated Social Media Management: Managing social media feeds and engaging with customers is a time consuming task that requires dedication and attention. Sure, you could always have an intern or office worker do the work for you but real success on social media is impossible to achieve unless you have a team of dedicated professionals looking after things.

  3. Brand Recognition: The way branding works online is quite different from traditional methods. Online branding requires 24/7 effort and a coordinated approach to managing multiple social media platforms at the same time. A dedicated social media management company will have the expertise and knowledge required to raise your brand profile in a short timespan.

  4. Building Customer Loyalty: Many customers who have a concern or question about a  product are turned off by companies not responding. The result: they often switch to another online store or the nearest brick and mortar store instead. This loss of valuable business can be avoided by dedicating resources to completely engage with clients on social media and offer this as part of your customer service experience.

  5. Customer Engagement: Today’s shoppers use their time to go online and research about the products they want. They often have specific questions related to the products or services on offer. A social media strategy that engages with potential clients and takes care of their questions is a great way to successfully convert them to long term customers. It also has the added benefit of reflecting positively on the company culture and improving brand recognition.

  6. Targeting Content: Sure you can learn how to target on your own, but here’s the downside, you’ll learn how time consuming it is, and honestly your company is much more productive conducting business than stumbling your way through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram’s latest updates to creating and targeting content. Leave it to the pros since they’re not only going to be up-to-date on the changes that are made from these platforms, but they generally know prior to the changes how they are going to work…and the most efficient ways to navigate them.

  7. Tips and Tricks: Every industry has them. The photographer and his camera angles, the attorney and his predominantly prepopulated forms, the graphic designer and his top of line software that makes designing a breeze, the banker, police officer, office administrator, etc. The truth is we all have “cheat sheets” or proprietary company information that makes our results 1,000 times better. These are things you learn while working in an industry for a long time. The Rookie mistakes are off the table and you know the “dos” and “don’ts” that beginners have yet to discover. Hiring the pros allows them to apply these tips and tricks to your account and making your overall digital presence much more successful.





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