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January 22, 2019


There’s nothing more infuriating as a business owner than learning that you’ve been duped. Someone has come and convinced you to purchase something for your business and later you discover that they lied. You suffer. Your family suffers. Your employees suffer. Your customers suffer. All because someone (sometimes unknowingly themselves) worked for a company that sold you a bag full of empty promises.


While we know we’re not the only company on the map doing what we do, we hold a professional respect for our competitors, direct or indirect. Our primary business is digital marketing, secondary being print & promotional, then finally our traditional marketing. We pride ourselves in developing the best marketing mix for your company and that may mean that we have to work alongside our competitors, which is okay, because we aren’t just out for a sale, we’re out to do our best even if that requires collaboration with other companies.


Recently I met with a potential client in the Pittsburgh area who had a mediocre website and had some basic print & digital needs. Since digital is our primary business here at Soup’s Marketing, we did a complimentary website evaluation and handed it to the potential client for their records. After our initial meeting we learned their website developer was Hibu. It wasn’t the first time I had heard of them, so I was vaguely familiar with their work. From memory it was expensive and as mentioned above mediocre. I was requested to attend a meeting with a Hibu representative and speak on the client’s behalf to help convey the needs of the company and improvements that needed made to the website and their level of importance.


As usual I did some research on Hibu prior to our scheduled meeting and it only took me a few  minutes to learn the scandalous nature of this company. Business owners don’t often have lots of free time on their hands, but the Yelp reviews alone consisted of several paragraphs from the majority of the reviewers. This is just one of their offices. Out of 80 reviews, there were less than 5 that were positive and 3 of those looked like they were left by Hibu staff just based on the wording. The other 2 were left by very new clients so they may not have had the opportunity to be duped as of yet. Upon further investigation their Google reviews were unfounded (more than likely no google listing at all) and their Facebook reviews disabled.


Now this blog isn’t intended to run down competitors like Hibu, but to encourage businesses to get better educated regarding a company’s reputation and marketing practices in general. If it’s too ambiguous, sounds too good to be true, or you just have a gut feeling it’s not legit then don’t fall prey to their tactics and let them take your hard earned money. We’ve developed a 6 part educational series to help equip you to make better decisions and then to provide a professional consultant to advise you in the future for these types of ridiculous pitches that have made it difficult to progress in business.


As a company that fulfills the promises that Hibu makes for almost half the cost, it makes me very angry that these clients have had zero results, poor customer service, and now a sour taste in their mouths regarding marketing. We are transparent and back up our work. We provide details and itemized lists if needed for our clients.


Please check our website for the next webinar or live session near you and get signed up. These sessions are designed to not only educate you with marketing decisions, but to train you to handle your own marketing in the digital age with the latest tools and techniques.                       412-626-7687          

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