Welcome to the

Uniontown Shopping Center's

1st Annual Student Art Show

The Theme for the Art Show is "Open Art" and a portion of the proceeds will go toward the Society for the Care and Feeding of Domestic Animals and the remainder of the proceeds will be donated to the Art Departments in the participating schools.

We invite students from grades 7-12 to register their original art pieces for selection and display on:

Saturday, April 29, 2017: 10am-8pm

Sunday, April 30, 2017: 10am-5pm

Uniontown Shopping Center

575 Morgantown Rd

Uniontown, PA 15401

Prizes will be awarded for Category Winners



Due Dates are as follows:

1/3/17- Preregistration opens

Pre-Registration will remain open until further notice.

4/2/17- Final Piece Image upload must be complete

4/17/17- Students will be notified of selection and issued delivery piece date to Uniontown Shopping Center

4/29-4/30/17- Winners will be announced.

​Category Explanations


Game Design: Digital/Video, Board, cards, other

Movie: Real, surreal or animation. Medium is open to any kind (video, film, moving pages, laser etc.) other

Product Art: Package Design or graphics; digital website design, other.

Examples: Animal or animal care products such as: bird/dog house; dog beds, fishbowls, collars, blankets, toys, cat walks/towers, etc. NOT FROM KITS-must be artistic, safe and also useful.

Art for Home/Business: Painting, sculpture, photography, pottery, mixed media, fabric/soft materials, animal mascot costumes, parade floats.



Board Game

Card Game

Real Video

Surreal/Animation Video

Package Design

Website Design

Animal Care Product





Mixed Media

Fabric/Soft Materials

Animal Mascot Costumes

Parade Float Designs

Recycled Materials Used

Group piece

Large Scale Piece

Art Judgement Categories: 

Does the art:

- Entertain? Inform? Have game story/theory complexity and interest; beauty/art value.

- Move viewer to action; to inform; want to donate. 

- Emotional Impact-beauty-anger-admiration;

- Environmental Impact on animals;

- Spay & Neuter theme-to inform;

- Practical Use-Unique and can be applied to?

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